goAML wagonwheelThe goAML application is an integrated database, intelligence analysis, workflow and resource management system intended for use by Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) worldwide.

goAML provides a "one stop" FIU-specific solution, and is executed in three steps: data collection, analysis (rule-based analysis, risk-score and profiling) and dissemination (escalate to law enforcement and seek feedback). It provides a facility for the rapid and easy online exchange of information between the FIU, reporting entities, law enforcement and judicial authorities, while ensuring data confidentiality.

The system integrates 14 separate functions into one package. It is the only "off the shelf'' system available to FIUs that includes data collection, data evaluation and clean up, ad-hoc queries and matching, statistical reporting on information/reports received and processed, structured analysis at both the tactical and strategic levels, person/entity/account profiling, rule-based analysis, workflow management, task assignment and tracking, document management with full text search capacity, intelligence file development and management, data acquisition/integration from external sources, integrated charting and diagramming and an intelligence report writer tool.

The goAML system is driven by a security model that specifies the kind of access rights each user has, and which provides an audit trail and log details for every transaction performed by all users. The goAML solution is well suited to both low
and high data volume environments.

For more information, please consult the goAML website: http://goaml.unodc.org