In the course of performing their various functions government officials deal with large volumes of information on a daily basis. They also need ready access to data and knowledge bases. A secure communications infrastructure based around a server room and/or data centre providing uninterrupted service to critical data processing and information management operations is essential.

Drawing on its many years experience of developing, deploying and maintaining software, hardware and physical infrastructure in diverse environments, the Information Technology Service of UNODC (the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime) has developed an ICT and Data Centre Model for Government Agencies (goIDM). goIDM has been developed:

goIDM follows the five core values that form the foundation of an ICT infrastructure and Data Centre design philosophy - simplicity, flexibility, scalability, modularity and sanity.

The goIDM model was developed by UNODC with financial assistance of the European Union (EU). It has been deployed in Nigeria, in the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and the Nigerian Judiciary, as part of the UNODC project NGAS08, to support the government of Nigeria's fight in combating economic and financial crime. The model has been successfully implemented in three EFCC sites and, as a result of this, will be further deployed to a total of 17 EFCC and Judicial sites at the federal and state levels.

This model has wide application for almost any type of Government agency. For more information, please consult the goIDM website: http://goidm.unodc.org