What is goCASE?

 goCASE is intended to be used within an organizations' investigation and intelligence operations and aims to be the primary instrument for initiating and tracking petitions, informant reports, legal cases, intelligence packages and other processes, which Law Enforcement Agency management plans to automate in a centralized information system. The target audience of goCASE is essentially management and resources involved in different duties and roles along the life cycle of investigation and intelligence cases in any organization.

The core objectives of goCASE are streamlining the investigations case processes as well as increasing investigations' efficiency. Its competitive advantage lies in its integrated workflow engine which not only controls the investigation life cycle but also adapts to different workflow procedures and investigation categories. Central to goCASE is also a Data Management module that facilitates the capturing, storing and retrieving of all types of information, individuals, documents, events and exhibits related to a case. goCASE provides an electronic storage facility for various types of documents which allows the efficient and controlled distribution of case files according to the definded roles and permissions within goCASE.

The goCASE application ensures security and integrity of investigation information by creating multiple advanced security features and also maintaining a detailed audit trail. Its built-in Investigator Actions Checklist supports decision-making and adherence to guidelines. A robust but flexible reporting module enhances its usability further. The graphic representation of data assists analysts/users to further analyze and assess the trends and patterns in investigative processes.