Why goCASE?

  • Its intuitive portal allows quick access to information and tools, which empowers case officers with swift and efficient case handling.
  • Its content management module (CMM) provides a secure environment for storing documents both private folders as well as public folders.
  • Automatic alerts through the Message Board on goCASE portal notify and escalate case activities to the right people at the right time.
  • Lawsuit Management Module of goCASE connects the case file with the judicial process and allows storing of court proceedings and judgments.
  • The user-interface of goCASE and all its reference tables have been designed to support various languages.
  • goCASE maintains comprehensive audit trails to track all activities in the Workflow History Log for each case hence ensuring integrity of data.
  • goCASE uses XML (the universal data format for publishing and exchanging structured documents on the Internet) for information exchange.
  • Its robust and flexible reporting module offers a rich list of reports grouped by operational requirements. (Investigative purposes, management, statistics etc.)