goCASE rolled out in The Iraq Commission on Public Integrity (COI)

27 November 2009

UNODC provided two week-long training sessions from 16-27 November 2009 in Beirut, Lebanon for COI investigators, including the heads of two COI offices in Baghdad (Karkh and Al-Rasafeh) and investigators from the COI hot-line and the polygraph sections. There were 15 participants in each training session, which covered the entire investigation module in goCASE, including the electronic case file with all its elements, data analysis and visualization, workflow and reporting. The goCASE application and training sessions for investigators and IT staff were delivered in Arabic.

During the investigators' training, the participants completed two tracks of exercises; the first was related to a standard case study given as part of the workshop and the second was generated by each participant based on similar corruption cases they have handled in their working environment.

Prior to these training sessions for investigators, training for COI IT staff took place from 10 - 13 November 2009. Over the course of the four-day training session, the goCASE system administration module relevant to IT was fully demonstrated. The training session also covered the main business concepts of goCASE to enable the IT staff to support the investigators in their work. 16 IT staff members, with various technical roles and functions in COI (including programmers, computer engineers, network and hardware specialists and investigation assistants), took part in the training session.

Feedback documented and received from the participants at the end of the course showed excellent results and very promising indicators. The rollout of goCASE in COI will continue over the coming months with full support from UNODC headquarters in Vienna and will build on the success of the first training session in Beirut.