Key Features

goCASE Portal

Quick access to information and tools provides case officers with swift and efficient case handling

The goCASE portal provides immediate access to information on recent cases, a diary of upcoming activities, a message board, search functionality and the tools to initiate and update a case. The goCASE portal is clearly visualized with an intuitive user-interface design and tools at the user's fingertips.

Multilingual Support

The goCASE user-interface and all reference tables have been designed to support all major languages.

Content Management Module

Secure Documents Repository

The Content Management Module (CMM) in goCASE provides a secure environment for storing documents that are not necessarily related to particular case files. By default, each user has a private folder to store, search and retrieve documents. Public folders exist for shared materials and can be used as integrated reference points for all users to access forms and general-purposes documents.

Full-Text & Person Search

Efficient search on Electronic Case Files and user defined queries on individuals

Investigation and intelligence activities require extensive research that in a non-computerized environment consumes valuable time and degrades productivity. This can lead to incomplete analysis and investigation and the frustration of investigative goals. The goCASE search form provides the capability to quickly and completely run queries on case file records and document contents. The full-text search supports MS Office files and also documents scanned and processed to text by optical character recognition (OCR) software.
Query results make direct links to Electronic Case File objects where matching records are detected. Further access to those files remains fully controlled by the security schema.

Electronic Case File

Management module capable of capturing, storing, querying and retrieving information

The data management module holds all the information relating to the cases. The Electronic Case File (ECF) is a structured repository of all Case Objects. The database/file structure in goCASE is fairly flexible as it allows you to add your own fields in which to store information. It can be modeled to suit the way information is represented in and flows through your business. Any object in the ECF can be linked to other objects within the same case file.

Reporting & Charting Module

Report generation and customizable management reports

goCASE offers a very flexible yet robust reporting capability. The reporting module offers a rich list of reports grouped by operational requirements (investigative purposes, management, statistics, etc.) Each report has two presentations: a data-oriented form that enables users to group, reorder and drill-down in the result set as required; and formal forms for printing. The graphic representation of data assists analysts/users to further analyze and assess the trends and patterns in investigative processes.

Security and Audit Trails

Detailed audit trail ensures data integrity

goCASE implements multiple security layers to eliminate unauthorized access to the application and to enforce data integrity. Assignment of different roles in the case investigation processes to different groups ensures efficiency in investigation processes. Access to goCASE is based on individual and group privileges permitting only authorized users to access different levels of information.
goCASE maintains comprehensive audit trails to track all activities in the Workflow History Log for each case using timestamps and user IDs, logging the names of individuals who have changed any information on the case and the time the changes were made.

Message Board

Automatic alerts notify and escalate case activities to the right people at the right time

Case officers receive alerts when an action is taken and that action has progressed through the case cycle workflow, eliminating the need for a manual paper chase and follow up. This speeds up the entire case management process.
Notifications and alerts are sent to Case Resources (Case Manager, Case Officers, etc.) by email and directly to the Message Board in the goCASE portal to ensure that cases are followed through quickly and efficiently. Case conclusions are also automatically reported to management with links to the case files.

Integrated Workflow Engine

All necessary modules in one product allow to work in a fully efficient and collaborative environment

goCASE's built-in Workflow service drives the case life cycle according to established standard operating procedures within the agency and enables case resources to work in a fully collaborative environment.

  • Easy to configure by the system administrator.
  • Permission to execute WF steps can be assigned to roles, groups of users, or individual's.
  • Notifications to the WF step owner.      
  • History of all steps is maintained and available in the WF History Log
  • Revert back to previous WF step.
  • Jump from one WF cycle to another (reduce complexity)
  • Attach case documents during the execution of the WF steps for more efficient handling by the  recipient.