Integrated Intelligence, Investigation & Prosecution Case Management & Criminal Database System



The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) software solution for Investigative Case Management

goCASE, part of the government office "go" family of software products, has been developed by UNODC's Enterprise Application Center Vienna (EAC-VN)  - Law Enforcement Solutions Team, as an integrated investigative case management and analysis tool for government law enforcement, investigative, intelligence and prosecution agencies of all United Nations Member States.


The Enterprise Application Center Vienna  (EAC-VN) of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) specializes in the development, deployment and support of software applications for use by Member States in a range of UNODC's focus areas.
The goCASE software, as well as other products in this family, are part of UNODC's strategic response to crime, particularly serious and organized crime.

Latest News

6 January 2018 
goCASE Deployment Mission to the Federal General Department of Anti-Narcotics, Ministry of Interior, United Arab Emirates

27 November 2017
goCASE upgrade mission to Namibia

21 August 2017
goCASE Pre-production mission to Botswana

6 June 2017
goCASE upgrade mission to Zambia

16 January 2017
goCASE Pre-production mission to the UAE

17 October 2016
goCase upgrade mission to Namibia

06 October 2016
Presentation to National Judicial Police of Luxemburg

29 August 2016
Upgrade Support Mission to Tanzania

10 June 2016
Meeting MoF, Austria

27 May 2016
Upgrade mission of goCASE in Zambia

29 February 2016
goCASE Deployment at the Administrative Control Authority, Cairo, Egypt

20 April 2015
goCASE Roll-out in the Anti-Corruption Commission of Zambia

2 February 2015
goCase training and deployment in the Administrative Control Authority of Egypt

18 December 2014
goCASE operational in the Transnational Crime Unit of of Guinea-Bissau

12 December 2014
A new agreement to deploy goCASE for the Investigations Division of United Nations Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS)

November 2014
A new agreement to deploy goCASE in the Administrative Control Authority of Egypt