Iraq Commission of Integrity (CoI) to extended goCASE agreement for additional two years:

Following various meetings, held in Baghdad during the period 10 -12 December 2012,  with senior officials from the  CoI in Iraq, it was agreed that the Commission will move toward the implementation of phase (II) of goCASE deployment.   During this phase, four CoI offices located in Baghdad will be connected through a secured network in order to extend the use of UNODC software.  CoI has confirmed extending the goCASE agreement with UNODC for an additional two years.  

The UNODC delegate visited the Iraq Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA) which recently celebrated it's second  year of operations.  The IACA is considering the use of goCASE within the specialized training programme provided to investigators.   

Iraq Commission of Integrity:

Iraq Anti-Corruption Academy